3D Printers A-Z



Cubify Cubify Cube
Price: $1,299
Build Volume: 5.5″x5.5″x5.5″
Resolution: 200 microns
Material: PLA
Website: Cubify Cube

Cubify CubeX Cubify CubeX
Price: $2,499
Build Volume: 10.8″x10.45″x9.5″
Resolution: 125 microns
Material: PLA
Website: Cubify CubeX


Lulzbot AO-101 Lulzbot AO-101
Price: $1,725
Build Volume: 7.9″x7.5″x3.9″
Resolution: 0.075mm
Material: ABS, PLA
Website: Lulzbot AO-101

Lulzbot TAZ Lulzbot TAZ
Price: $2,195
Build Volume: 11.7″x10.8″x9.8″
Resolution: 0.075mm to 0.35mm
Material: ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA, wood filaments
Website: Lulzbot Taz


The Form 1 Formlabs Form 1
Price: $3,299
Build Volume: 4.9″x4.9″x6.5″
Resolution: 25 microns (details 300 microns)
Material: APR (resin)
Website: Formlabs Form 1


Replicator MakerBot Replicator
Price: $1,999
Build Volume: 8.9″x5.7″x5.9″
Resolution: 0.2mm to 0.3mm
Material: ABS, PLA
Website: MakerBot Replicator

Replicator 2 MakerBot Replicator 2
Price: $2,199
Build Volume: 11.2″x6.0″x6.1″
Resolution: 100 microns
Material: PLA
Website: MakerBot Replicator 2


RepRap RepRap Prusa Mendel
Price: Open-Source
Build Volume: N/A
Resolution: N/A
Material: ABS, PLA
Website: RepRap

Know of another 3D printer that we should include? Contact us and we will update our A-Z list.

Last Updated 5/22/2013

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