ProDesk3D: A Multi-Color 3D Printer

botObjects Set

It doesn’t look like the innovations in 3D printing will stop anytime soon. botObjects, a company based in New York and London, is planning on releasing the ProDesk3D, a multi-color 3D printer. Based on the specifications that botObjects has released, this would be quite an impressive 3D printer. The printer boasts a five color PLA cartridge system, two extrusion heads, 175 mm/s printing speed and 25 micron printing accuracy. Even with these impressive stats, the printer is expected to be priced at $3,249 ($2,849 early orders). This is about the same price as the Form 1 stereolithography printer from Formlabs.

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Protecting Your 3D Creations

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In a world already filled with illegally downloaded music and movies, the ability to download any design and print it yourself begs the question: how do you protect your designs in this new world of 3D printing? Oliver Herzfeld, the Chief Legal Officer at a brand licensing agency called Beanstalk, discusses the issue in a three part series on Forbes. Check out the discussion here.

SOURCE: Forbes


Dreambox: The 3D Printing Vending Machine

What is cooler than an ice cold coke from a vending machine? How about a vending machine that can transform your wildest imaginations into a 3D printed object? On the campus of UC Berkeley, three recent graduates have made a 3D printing vending machine a reality with Dreambox. The machine allows users to upload their designs on the Dreambox website and then pick them up from the vending machine when the item is ready. So will it be a movie or a model squirrel the next time you go to the vending machine?

SOURCE: International Business Times, Dreambox


Squishy Squishy Printing with Elasto Plastic from Shapeways

Elasto Plastic

Shapeways, the marketplace to make buy and sell 3D printed objects, has launched a new material called Elasto Plastic. The material is strong and flexible, but easily returns to its original shape. Shapeways describes the texture as slightly grainy since it can’t be smoothed in a similar fashion as their other materials. Elasto Plastic is currently in a trial phase, making it only available as “Maker Material” (ie. only for designs you have personally uploaded) until July 9th. Check out the video below for a full description of the material.

SOURCE: 3D Printing Industry Shapeways


Pirate3D Reaches $100,000 Funding Mark on KickStarter in Under an Hour

Pirate3D made quite a splash with their Buccaneer 3D printer that they are launching at $347 (+$50 shipping). This morning, they launched their Kickstarter campaign and have already $140,000 in funding. The first 360 backers of the Kickstarter campaign got the printer for $247 (+$50 shipping). The Buccaneer won’t ship until February 2014, but relative to the cost of other pre-assembled printers on the market, this printer is a bargain.

SOURCE: Kickstarter


The Zortrax M200 3D Printer from Poland

The Buccaneer by Pirate3D isn’t the only 3D printer on the block looking for funding on KickStarter these days. Gadget 3D launched their campaign last Wednesday and are very close to their goal of $100,000. The Zortrax M200 is $1,899 plus shipping of $99 to US/Canada ($199 international). Gadget 3D is seeking to make the experience as seamless as possible with custom software that should work right out of the box with the printer. From the photos on their KickStarter campaign, the printer looks well polished. The output also looks pretty impressive. The team is based out of Poland with additional offices in Hong Kong. Check out their KickStarter campaign for a video and photos.

SOURCE: TechCrunch KickStarter


Can I Get My Pizza Printed with Mushrooms Please

3D Printed Pizza

Since you can now print a gun with a 3D printer, why not just print your meal as well? Anjan Contractor, from Systems and Materials Research Corporation (SMRC) in Austin, TX, has received a $125,000 grant from the NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to create a prototype printer. Contractor has already shown feasibility within a laboratory. Continue reading

Anti-gravity Object Modeling

Anti-gravity Object Modeling

A collaboration between researchers at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and Joris Laarman Studio has led to an impressive new process for additive manufacturing. Unlike the 3D printers currently on the market, the researchers have developed a method that can be made independent of the inclination and smoothness of the working surface. The researchers have termed the method “Anti-gravity Object Modeling.” Check out the method in action here

SOURCE: Mataerial


Cubify, MakerBot and The Form 1

It is always nice to see a side by side comparison of the different consumer 3D printers currently on the market. This is definitely not a complete list of what is available, but it represents some popular models across a variety of technologies and price ranges.

CubifyCubify MakerBot Replicator 2Replicator 2 The Form 1The Form 1
Price $1,299 $2,199 $3,299
Technology Plastic Jet Printing Fused Filament Fabrication Stereolithography
Build Volume 5″x5″x5″ 11.2″x6″x6.1″ 4.9″x4.9″x6.5″
Print Resolution (microns) 200 100 25*
Print Material ABS & PLA PLA APR (resin)
Replacement Cartridge $48 $48 (1 kg) Not Available
Software Cube software that creates .CUBE files MakerWare software that supports .stl, .obj, .thing PreForm software that supports .stl
Availability Yes Yes July 2013

*Refers to the layer. Other details are printed at 300 microns

Don’t know what some of the terms are, such as Stereolithography or ABS, that are mentioned in this post? Check back in a few days for a description of important 3D printing terminology.

SOURCE: Cubify, MakerBot, Formlabs