Microsoft Adds 3D Support to Windows 8.1

Microsoft is adding 3D printer support with the release of Windows 8.1. The idea is to make the process for 3D printing as simple as sending a Word document to your inkjet printer. Microsoft is even baking in the ability to adjust certain characteristics of the design before it is sent to the 3D printer to be sliced. The video (link below) shows a Microsoft engineer capturing a 3D image of themselves using the Microsoft Kinect and easily sending the design to a Makerbot to print. What is beautiful is that Microsoft is releasing an SDK that will make it easy for developers to integrate support directly into their own applications. Support is expected for a wide variety of popular printers, including the Makerbot, Cubify and open-source printers. Microsoft’s adoption of 3D printing will hopefully help bring down one more barrier to the mass adoption of 3D printing.

SOURCE: The Official Microsoft Blog