Layer By Layer: A New Twist on the 3D Printing Marketplace

Laye By Layer Home Screen

Layer By Layer, a 3D printing marketplace, puts a new twist on the process for downloading and printing 3D objects. There are already some great marketplaces out there, including Shapeways and Thingiverse (Makerbot), but both have their limitations. Shapeways is great for designers because they get paid when their designs are printed, but it doesn’t allow users to download designs to print on their own 3D printers. Thingiverse provides the platform for downloading designs, but designers can’t monetize their creations. This is where Layer By Layer is trying a different model.

Layer By Layer Process

Layer By Layer’s marketplace allows 3D designers to sell a “print” of their designs and users to print the design on their own printer. What do they mean by a print? Layer By Layer guarantees that the consumer buying the print is able to successfully create a 3D version of the model, while limiting their purchase to one 3D print. This is a great platform for designers because they get paid for every time someone prints their design. Since the designer is monetizing off their creation, there is more impetus to create higher quality designs. The marketplace is still in beta, and one limitation is that the Layer By Layer marketplace currently only supports the Makerbot 3D printer. The concept seems great on paper, but only time will show if designers and consumers are willing to adopt such a marketplace.

SOURCE: Layer By Layer

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