ProDesk3D: A Multi-Color 3D Printer

botObjects Set

It doesn’t look like the innovations in 3D printing will stop anytime soon. botObjects, a company based in New York and London, is planning on releasing the ProDesk3D, a multi-color 3D printer. Based on the specifications that botObjects has released, this would be quite an impressive 3D printer. The printer boasts a five color PLA cartridge system, two extrusion heads, 175 mm/s printing speed and 25 micron printing accuracy. Even with these impressive stats, the printer is expected to be priced at $3,249 ($2,849 early orders). This is about the same price as the Form 1 stereolithography printer from Formlabs.

Based on the samples and renderings, don’t expect this printer to be printing complex color objects. The samples show objects that have layers of different colors. Even with these limitations, if ProDesk3D can provide the results they are boasting, the technology opens the door to a much broader range of 3D printed objects. The company plans on shipping the printer to early backers October 1, 2013. Check out some samples and renderings below from botObjects.

botObjects Planetary Gears

botObjects Vase

botObjects Recorder

SOURCE: Inhabitat, botObjects

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